Carriers and other capital class vessels are not normally allowed in “high security” space like the Yulai system. After the ship’s sudden and as-yet-unexplained appearance, players noticed something else: The carrier was displaying the “suspect” flag, meaning that the in-game police and peacekeeping organization would not attempt to protect it, should a player try and engage it. EVE being EVE, it didn’t take long until the Thanatos was destroyed by the roughly 50 players that surrounded it. Over the next hour, 8 more carrier and super carrier vessels appeared and were destroyed in Yulai. The bloodthirsty mob grew to nearly one hundred and fifty players towards the end of the event. During the staged executions, CCP employees joined the Twitch chat to explain what was happening, and informed players that they had been deputized to help eliminate botter vessels.


This event marked the kick-off of GM Week, where the EVE Online GM team took the opportunity to get to know and interact with the people that play EVE. In addition to public executions, the week featured GM convoys attempting to navigate their way through hostile space, interviews and AMAs on the game’s subreddit, art contests, and even the chance to change one of the GM’s names.

As GM Week drew to a close, the players were once again invited back to to Yulai. After a repeat of the previous event, with several botter-owned carriers and supercarriers being sacrificed to the mob, out rolled the pièce de résistance: a Titan. Titans are the largest and most powerful vessels in the game, but this one stood no chance. Nearly 700 players immediately opened fire, closing out GM Week with an enormous bang.