Another amusing anti-cheat mechanism makes it so that legit players will simply vanish before a cheater’s eyes. The fun part? Non-cheating players can still see, and shoot, the cheater. Take a gander at this in action:


Griefers are also being put on notice

Using a new “replay investigation tool,” Ricochet will be able to keep a close eye on suspicious behavior, and this includes griefing, which can include hostile voice or text chat, teamkilling, or other behavior that’s clearly intended to harass other players. Players caught violating the game’s code of conduct face additional warnings and potential suspensions.


Griefing, glitching, and other kinds of exploits are sometimes hard to track, given that they might involve said unsportsmanlike conduct or manipulations of bugs the devs haven’t yet fixed. Ricochet states that it will start with a series of warnings and penalties, but that players who don’t get their act together can expect potentially steeper punishments.

Warzone 2.0 has had a bit of a hard time keeping CoD fans active and playing. While it remains to be seen if the game’s next update on April 12, which will feature fan-favorite operators Alejandro and Valeria, will help it course-correct, it’s nice to know that the devs are making sure the game remains fair.