“PSA—We’re in the process of rolling out a server side hotfix buff to Necro skellies,” Fergusson said. “It will take a while to propagate worldwide so we appreciate your patience while it’s happening.”


On the Blizzard forums, global community development director and manager Adam Fletcher extrapolated on Fergusson’s hotfix update, explaining that the buffs the Necromancer had received were based on “some of the feedback we’ve seen regarding Necromancer pets and their survivability.” While neither Fletcher nor Fergusson detailed exactly what these changes were, I can tell you that in the final few hours of Diablo IV’s last open beta, my skellie gang of seven lasted about as long as they did pre-nerf. Sure, they still died, but I wasn’t spamming the resuscitate ability towards the beta’s end nearly as much as I was in the Server Slam’s beginning hours. The Necromancer is so very back.

Other players agree, with one redditor saying that the Necromancer was “a lot better than the open beta weekend.” Another said the class “seems a bit better” following the server-side hotfix update, while a separate redditor agreed that the Necromancer feels good now. Folks admitted that it wasn’t perfect, but the consensus was that the Necromancer is goated again.


Kotaku reached out to Blizzard for comment.

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It’s unclear if the Necromancer and its skellie gang will stay this buff when Diablo IV comes out in June. Still, it’s nice knowing the developers are paying attention to and implementing player feedback in such a fastidious manner. I’m sure we can expect even more changes and tweaks as Blizzard works on a Destiny 2-like post-launch rollout for the game.


Correction, 5/16/23, 3:00 p.m. ET: The previous headline for this story failed to accurately reflect the facts of the story itself. The headline has been updated. We regret the error.